Anti-Acne Face Pack


All of us have had acne at some point of time in life. Although the condition is pretty common, it usually is upsetting for the one facing it. Many people, including the elders in our families, often tell us that it will resolve on its own. But that is rarely the case!
Acne is usually caused by factors such as:

  • Excess sebum production
  • Clogging of hair follicles by sebum and dead skin cells
  • Bacterial activity
  • Excess activity of hormones (androgens)

If not taken care of in the very beginning itself, acne can leave your face with permanent scars and marks. Whether it’s a hormonal breakout or your daily ordeal with pimples, we’ve all experienced a zit in our lifetime. Zap those pimples away with Love Organically’s all-natural anti-acne face pack.  A purifying and detoxifying pack, filled with the goodness of Neem leaves and Tea Tree oil.  It is non-drying and purifies and detoxifies your skin, as also keeps acne under control. The neem and tea tree extracts in Anti-Acne Face Pack can help clear acne scars and pigmentation, prevent recurrence of acne, treat rashes and wounds, prevent skin infection and heal skin dryness. The anti-bacterial and antifungal properties in Neem leaves and Tea Tree oil ensure to kill the acne and pimple causing bacteria leaving you with smooth clear skin.
This face pack is chemical free, anti-bacterial and suitable for every age group, especially effective with teenagers. Using it consistently provides effective and substantial results. With our Anti-Acne Face Pack, keeping your face acne-free isn’t that difficult!