Anti-Acne Face Pack


Whether it’s a hormonal breakout or your daily ordeal with pimples, we’ve all experienced a zit in our lifetime. Zap those pimples away with Love Organically’s all-natural anti-acne face pack.  A purifying and detoxifying pack, filled with the goodness of Neem leaves and Tea Tree oil that fights pimple-causing bacteria, and leaves the skin clear, refreshed and even toned. The anti-bacterial and antifungal properties in Neem leaves and Tea Tree oil kills the acne and pimple causing bacteria leaving you with smooth clear skin. No redness, no swelling and no inflammation, only clear, supple and soft skin. When puberty hits, acne often does, too. But our anti-acne ingredients ensure clear skin by fighting acne. Ready to fight those pimples? We are!